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Motorsports Advantage sponsoring campgrounds at Bristol Motor Speedway

(BRISTOL, Tenn. — Aug. 12, 2008) — Motorsports Advantage powered by Coach-Net, a new concierge service for motorsports fans, has become a campground sponsor at Bristol Motor Speedway. It will have a special product information booth at the newly named All American Motorsports Advantage Campgrounds during the SHARPIE 500 NASCAR event Aug. 18 to 23.

The spacious campground is just south of the track, directly adjacent to the footbridge that leads from the campground to the track. It hosts RVs of all kinds. "We look forward to welcoming RVers to this exciting event and having an opportunity to share our enthusiasm about this new product," said Tabitha Lederer, Coach-Net director of affinity sales. "This is one of the popular NASCAR tracks for racing enthusiasts and just the kind of event where Motorsports Advantage leading edge benefits and services are most valuable." Coach-Net is also an official NASCAR Craftsman? Series sponsor.

Coach-Net, long known for providing emergency road assistance for RVers, launched Motorsports Advantage last April as a way to extend the growing trend in concierge or personal assistance services to all motorsports enthusiasts, whether involved in auto racing, motorcycle racing, motocross, dirt bike events, ATV competitions, drag racing or various off-road vehicle competitions. The service combines over-the-phone Coach-Net technical and roadside assistance with additional help in handling the details of making race day a totally enjoyable event.

Such things as tickets, track passes, track and race information, hotel searches and reservations, special dining requests, food and beverage delivery, weather information, sport accessories like binoculars and other merchandise can be quickly located or obtained by the service, all for a yearly cost of $109.50. There are no limits on the number of requests. Although RVers are its main customers, Motorsports Advantage can be used by anyone.

"We take care of the details so you can spend all your time enjoying the event," said Lederer. "The trend in this kind of concierge service has been growing across the country. Motorsports Advantage is the first to bring it to motorsports fans."

"Because this service is so new, we want to get out and personally introduce it to race fans. Especially with the Craftsmen Series, those who want to know more should stop by our booth at event campgrounds."

More information about the All American Motorsports Advantage Campgrounds and Motorsports Advantage may also be obtained by visiting or calling 866-590-5944.